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Informácia o ukončení činnosti

Important information regarding Diners Club CS, s.r.o.

We would like to thank our clients and business partners for nearly 25 years of cooperation and the trust that we have been placed in. We hope that the services we offer will leave a positive mark on the experiences of our clients and the history of such an extraordinary payment market as Slovakia and Czech Republic has become.

In accordance with the strategic decision of the sole shareholder to terminate operations on the Slovak and Czech market, Diners Club CS, s.r.o. will soon withdraw all of its payment instruments from circulation.

The cards issued so far will work until the concluded agreements are in force, while maintaining all functionalities and added values ​​in the field of travel privileges, insurance and Club Rewards program. The notice period of your contract expires and the contract expires on August 3, 2022 after 0:00 CEST.

Further acceptance of cards with the Diners Club International, Discover® and PULSE® marks on the Slovak and Czech market will be continued and developed by acquirers directly in cooperation with Discover® Global Network.

Detailed information on the process of winding-down the activity will be provided in individual communication with individual stakeholders.

Thank you for using our services and for being able to accompany you on daily basis and on short and long travels.

Diners Club CS team

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your card membership and support throughout the years. We kindly inform you that due to the strategic decision made by the sole shareholder of Diners Club CS, s.r.o. to terminate payment services in Slovakia and Czech Republic, the Diners Club card agreements will be terminated and Diners Club Credit Cards will expire at the end of the notice period. Therefore, we are currently no longer accepting new applications for Diners Club Cards or approving increases of limits to the existing Diners Club Cards.

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers related to your cards and contracts.


Why is Diners Club CS terminating Card agreements?

We are following the decision made by the owner of Diners Club CS to discontinue payment services in Slovakia and Czech Republic. We apologize to our card members for any inconveniencies.

Does the termination of cards issued by Diners Club CS mean that Diners Club International Cards will no longer be accepted in Slovakia and Czech Republic?

Diners Club CS, in cooperation with our partners, will ensure all active Diners Club International cards, including those who were issued in markets outside of Slovakia and Czech Republic, will continue to be accepted on both markets until the end of September 2022. Discover® Global Network – the global payments brand comprised of Diners Club International, Discover® and PULSE® brands – makes maximum effort in cooperation with selected acquirers to ensure uninterrupted acceptance and its further development in Slovakia and Czech Republic after this date, at POS terminals, ATMs and on the Internet.

Can I apply for a Diners Club International card from another issuer in Slovakia and Czech Republic?

We are sorry but there are no other Diners Club International Card issuers in Slovakia and Czech Republic accepting new applications.


In accordance with the notice sent, the contract is terminated at the end of the notice period. The notice period of your contract expires and the contract expires on August 3, 2022 after 0:00 CEST.

Do I have to answer or confirm the Contract termination?

No action is required from the Card member, the contract will automatically terminate at the end of the notice period.

Can I terminate the contract and cancel the card earlier (after receiving a notice from Diners Club CS, s.r.o.)?

Yes, in accordance with the General Business Terms and Conditions (GBTC), the Card member may terminate the contract at any time without any reasons. Form for Card cancellation can be downloaded HERE.

Filled and signed form has to be sent to:

- via e-mail: from e-mail address registered in Diners Club CS

- via post: Diners Club CS s.r.o., Námestie slobody 11, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

In the event of Contract termination by Card member prior to the effective date of the Amended GBTC, the Credit Card open amount shall be payable in total on the due date of the statement issued after the date of termination. In the event of termination by the Card member after the effective date of the Amended GBTC, the open amount may be paid in Minimum instalments.

Is the termination valid if I have not received the notice or been away for a long time?

Delivery is effective if it is delivered or unsuccessfully notified to the Card member's correspondence address stated in the Agreement, or another last known address of the Card member notified to Diners Club CS.


Can I use the card during the notice period?

Yes, until the Contract termination. All the existing conditions of using the card remain valid.

Will I receive a new card if I report damage or loss?

Yes, as long as we are able to deliver the card before the end of the notice period.

Will I receive a card renewal?

Yes, if your card expires, it will be renewed automatically if the validity begins before the Contract termination. For example, if the validity date of the card falls on the end of June 2022, then in the first decade of June, a card renewal valid from July 1, 2022, will be sent. However, it will be possible to use the card only until the end of the notice period.

Do I have to send the card back to Diners Club CS?

It is not necessary to send the card back to Diners Club, but you shall properly destroy it so that personal data cannot be read (e.g. by cutting the card through the magnetic stripe and the card chip). The destruction of the card will also prevent a potential subsequent attempt to use the card and any possible suspicion that it is being used unauthorized.

Until when can I practically use the card?

The card can be used until the Contract termination.


Will the journey starting after the Contract termination and paid by Diners Club International card still be insured?

No, the insurance coverage is valid only for the duration of the card agreement, i.e. until the Contract termination.

If I activate the travel insurance for a journey commencing before the Contract termination, will it still be valid after this date?

Travel insurance will only cover the part of the journey that takes place before the Contract termination. It will not cover the part of the journey after the Contract termination, regardless of whether the trip continues after that date.

Can I report a claim after the Contract termination?

Yes, you can report a claim within 4 years from the date of the incident.

How can I report a claim?

The claim must be sent directly to the insurer in writing via the Claim form, which can be found HERE.

Afterwards please send the completed damage notification form and the necessary documents to:

Europ Assistance s.r.o.

P.O. BOX 385

810 00 Bratislava

Slovenská republika


Where can I check my Club Rewards Bonus Points balance?

The balance of bonus points can be checked via customer service portal or via the transaction e-statement. Club Rewards Bonus Points balance can also be obtained via e-mail to or by phone +421 2 5778 9444.

What can I do with the Club Rewards Bonus Points I have collected?

You can redeem your Bonus Points for rewards in the loyalty programme Club Rewards available on the service portal after logging in to your eAccount only until the Contract termination at the latest.


Will an annual fee be charged?

Yes, the annual fee will be charged in accordance with the Table of Fees and Commissions, unless it applies to the period after the Contract termination.

Should I pay the fee for the entire year?

You will receive a proportional refund of the annual fee paid by you for the months from the Contract termination until the end of the paid period. The refund for unused months will be in the form of a credit to your Card Account and will reduce any balance on your Loan. In the event of an overpayment, the amount will be refunded to your bank account.

My card was promoted with the annual fee refund condition in case of an attained turnover, will the fee be refunded?

Yes, the fee will be refunded if, in accordance with the terms of the promotion, the turnover threshold is attained before the Contract termination.


When will I receive the last statement?

A statement will be generated as long as there is a balance on the card account, even after the Contract termination. The dates of generating the statements remain unchanged.

Will the statement be available in the eAccount?

Yes, you will be able to use the eAccount service for at least 6 months from the Contract termination until the loan is repaid in full.

Is it possible to dispute transactions after the Contract termination?

After the Contract termination it will still be possible to dispute transactions made before the Contract termination, depending on the reason for the dispute, for up to 13 months after the transaction was made. Even after the Contract termination the Diners Club CS Complaints Policy remains in force.

For further information please refer HERE  and HERE


Will I receive a confirmation of payment?

The confirmation will be the statement with the registered payment.

Is it possible to make a card transaction after the Contract termination?

After the Contract termination it will not be possible to make any transactions because the card will be blocked. Therefore we suggest to change the payment method in places where the Diners Club International card has been given as a recurrent form of payment for services, e.g. subscriptions.

If the merchant refunds me, will I get the funds back to my Card Account after the Contract termination?

Yes, in the event of a refund for a transaction that was previously made with a Diners Club International Card, this amount will be credited and in the case of an open amount, deducted from your credit balance.

When do I have to pay the open amount?

As we stated in the written notice, you have the following options to repay the open amount:

1. At any time, you may pay the full amount due as shown on your Transaction Statement at no additional cost.

2. Thanks to the change in the GBTC, you may continue to pay the open amount in Minimum Instalments after the Contract termination as before.

Can I continue to pay the Minimum Instalment after the Contract termination?

Yes, in terms of the Amended GBTC that we have notified you of in written, you may continue to repay the open amount in Minimum Instalments after the Contract termination, as shown in your Transaction Statement.

Will payment of open amount by direct debit continue to be processed after the Contract termination?

Yes, the direct debit payment order will remain valid and will be processed as per the dates shown in the transaction statements.